Computational Intelligence Champions

Computational Intelligence Champions

What are CI Champions?

The Computational Intelligence Champions, or "CI Champions" for short, are people dedicated to the general areas of artificial intelligence, data analysis, data mining, machine learning and/or autonomous control. They want to show their appreciation to their field by supporting the Computational Intelligence Unconference events. These events are non-profit and volunteer-run, and so 100% of the membership fees will go toward event costs such as venue and catering costs.

Champion membership is on a annual basis, and has a fixed fee. In return for a membership fee, the Champion will receive various benefits which are outlined below.

We have an initial 100 person limit for CI Champions 2016. You will need to act quickly if you would like to belong to this unique group.

Membership is ideal for those who are executives, venture capitalists, managers, principal investigators, serial innovators and futurist consultants. We already have attracted the attention of many world-leading professionals and academics, and becoming a CI Champion will improve inter-communication within industry thereby improving the industry itself.

What benefits are there to being a CI Champion?

The CI Champions for 2016 will receive:

How can I become a CI Champion for CIUUK16?

Membership to become a CI Champion for 2016 costs a minimum of a £100 one-off payment, with an optional opportunity to donate more either up-front or in the future.

Payment is best received via the following PayPal button, which accepts transfers from debit cards, credit cards or paypal accounts:

Alternative forms of payment can be arranged, and every member receives confirmation of membership and a receipt of payment.

CI Champion Membership runs from as soon as you sign up until the end of 2016. It supports the Computational Intelligence Unconferences, via the non-profit volunteer-run Computational Intelligence Unconferences Association - a British Unincorporated Association.

If there are any questions relating to the Computational Intelligence Unconferences Association or the Champions scheme then please contact:

Become a Champion: