Computational Intelligence Unconference UK 2015

15th August 2015 // Strand Campus, King's College, London, UK

Our Sponsoring Partners

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Sponsorship Opportunities

There are sponsorship opportunities available for Platinum, Gold, Bronze and Silver tiers.

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of last years sponsors, and provide us with sponsorship, then please contact us on:

Last years sponsors included BT, Storybricks, RecSys, EF, Oxford University Press, futuretext and the Human Memome Project. We had approximately 180 attendees throughout the day, and it was a very successful day. Sponsors saw their brands exhibited at the unconference and on the website, which received 2.5k visits during the month of the 2014 unconference.

Sponsors will have their logo on the front page of Computational Intelligence Unconference website. Their business biography will be shown on a dedicated page on the website. They will receive space in the great hall for banners, promotional material, etc. A thank you message will be given during the opening and closing of the unconference. We are also happy to take requests - such as being able to sell products, giving a short talk, or running a subevent.

There are sponsorship opportunities available for Platinum (1 slot), Gold (2 slots), Bronze (5 slots) and Silver (10 slots) tiers. Contact the chief organiser ( Daniel Lewis : ) for more information, including sponsorship tiers.

Crowdfunding Sponsors

Crowdfunders are attendees who have given money when they registered. They are in 3 rough tiers of Gold, Silver and Bronze. 2015 Personal Crowdfunding Sponsors include (so far):

Thank you crowdfunders, we look forward to seeing you at the unconference!