Computational Intelligence Unconference UK 2015

15th August 2015 // Strand Campus, King's College, London, UK


The Computational Intelligence Unconference is a non-profit event, it is therefore run by volunteers. Below is a list of our organisers (in no particular order). We have Daniel Lewis, Beki Lewis, Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi, Abi Aryan and John Morton. Feel free to approach them on the day, they've all worked very hard (for free) to make this event happen!

Daniel Lewis (Profile Picture)

Daniel Lewis

Co-founder & Chief Organiser

PhD Researcher in Engineering Mathematics at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory, University of Bristol.

Daniel co-founded the Computational Intelligence Unconference with a colleague (Stephen Matthews, who was a postdoc at the University of Bristol at the time), they began formulating and composing the first CI unconference in 2013 which was very successful and happened in July 2014. Daniel is not a stranger to unconference organisation, having been a founder and/or co-organiser for other unconferences (such as SemanticCampLondon in 2008, Bristol Knowledge Unconferences in 2008 and 2009 and the Green Unconference in 2012). He has also organised discussion groups such as MIRIx Bristol and FuzzyIG Bristol.

Aside from events organisation Daniel is involved in computer science. He is currently (September 2012 - November 2015) a PhD student at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of the University of Bristol, where he is researching a new method (which is efficient and meaningful) of applying Fuzzy Set Theory to data mining algorithms. As his research is firmly in the realm of Fuzzy, he is a member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE-CIS). He is also a member of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT), which is a livery company of the City of London. His professional background is in Semantic Web and Linked Data consultancy, web development and technology evangelism. He received a 2:1 graded BSc(hons) in Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering from Oxford Brookes University in 2007, where he wrote a distinction-graded dissertation on adding semantic relations between social networks that have tagging systems. Outside of computer science and events organisation, he enjoys thinking about politics and the future of humanity, learning Italian, reading about and taking part in a variety of spiritual and philosophical organisations, and volunteering.

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Beki Lewis (Profile Picture)

Beki Lewis

CIUUK15 Co-organiser

Senior Clinical Audit Assistant (Data Specialist) at an NHS Hospital

Beki specialises in automatic report generation and database administration in the Quality Improvement and Clinical Audit (QICA) department at an NHS hospital, tagged as the best QICA department in the NHS. She received a first class BSc(hons) in Computer Science (Mathematical Stream) from Oxford Brookes University in 2010, and wrote her dissertation on indexing and searching religious texts. Her interests in Computational Intelligence are in the role of statistics, natural language processing and relational database modelling.

Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi (Profile Picture)

Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi

CIUUK15 Co-organiser

Head of the artificial cognition systems effort at the Goodwill Consortium

After graduating with a PhD in optical diagnostics techniques for turbomachinery at Warwick University and a brief spell at the Optical Engineering Laboratory in Warwick, Marcelo obtained a fellowship from the Royal Society for a six-months visit to the Optical Research centre in Mexico and liked it so much he decided to split his time between Mexico and the UK, which he continues to do until now. He currently leads the joint effort to develop an artificial cognition system that has so far been implemented in a conversational agent powered by a general cognition engine capable of understanding natural language, regardless of the specific wording or grammar used. It also has a limited reasoning capability using multivariate first order logic implemented using the "E" theorem prover developed by the TUM in Munich, and can be seen evolving at Other projects currently under development include an Android app to obtain 3D models from video/photographs (, an English simplifying and summarizing tool ( and a non-ITAR 3D night vision camera for security applications. His hobbies, when allowed by his three children, include economics, history, travelling and he keeps fit by swimming... nowhere as much as he should!

Abi Aryan (Profile Picture)

Abi Aryan

CIUUK15 Co-organiser

AI Consultant and Hackathon Junkie

Abi just finished her M.Sc. in Applicable Mathematics from the London School of Economics, UK. She did her B.Sc. with majors in Mathematics Hons from Maharshi Dayanand University, India with expertise in both pure as well as applied mathematics. During her bachelor’s degree she extensively researched twin primes. Abi wrote her masters dissertation in artificial intelligence explaining image pattern recognition using Hopfield Networks. In the recent past, Abi interned with Steer in London as a Business Development Intern advising the company on gaining an edge over coding coaching businesses. This was followed by an internship with EF, as a programme intern doing various things related to the product sales side and advising a generation of computer science, machine learning and artificial intelligence entrepreneurs on building their startups. As a hackathon junkie, she has participated in various hackathons with Tesco, Salesforce and Microsoft Skype working as a UX designer and a coder. Her primary interests concern the applications of computability, big data, neural networks and artificial intelligence in the real world. On the other side, a keen bathroom singer (yeah everyone's a bathroom singer. Fine!) and a free style (okayish) and belly dancer (not a bad one actually) since the age of 8.

John Morton (Profile Picture)

John Morton

CIUUK15 Co-organiser

Business and Technology Advisor

John has been delivering data driven systems using computational algorithms for commercial business systems since the 1980’s. He has held CTO positions within Intel and SAS (the business analytics company). John is passionate about using data to create insight and to drive better executive decision making.

John is an international speaker advises numerous start-ups and undertakes consulting and advisory work for large corporations and government.

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Our thanks also to the many people who have advised and supported us throughout this and past Computational Intelligence Unconferences. Including (in no particular order):