Computational Intelligence Unconference UK 2015

15th August 2015 // Strand Campus, King's College, London, UK

Audio, Speaker Slides and a Summary of the Event will be uploaded very soon (definitely by the end of October 2015), apologies for the delay! Photos can now be seen below.

Please note that we're also thinking about CIUUK16. If you can help with organisation, sponsorship or speaking then please let us know as soon as possible ( ).

We have also started a Computational Intelligence Champions exclusive members group. Limited to 100 people. Exclusive benefits, all in aid of running the events. Join today!

Computational Intelligence Unconference


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Computational Intelligence Unconference UK 2015, or CIUUK15, was the 2nd computational intelligence unconference and was on the 15th August 2015, at the Strand Campus of King's College London.

An unconference is an informal self-organising event which is completely non-profit and volunteer run. Computational intelligence is collection of techniques which simulate (or emulate) biological intelligence. Computational intelligence includes, but is not limited to: Evolutionary algorithms (including genetic algorithms and genetic programming), Swarm intelligence (and herds and shoals/schools), Artificial neural networks and "deep learning", Fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic, Autonomous mental development. Applications include data mining, machine learning, search, route planning and even to general problem solving. We can find it in robotics, on web servers for analytics, and data science for "smart cities" and the "internet of things".

CIUUK14, was a very broad event. The CIUUK15 event continued this "broadness", however we have selected two sub-topics working as streams. These streams include:

It had a specific focus on open data and policy issues, all within the realm of "computational intelligence" (including artificial intelligence, data mining and machine learning). Please note that this is not intended to limit the unconference, and speakers will be talking about other subjects unrelated to smart cities / smart healthcare.

Crowdfunding Sponsors

Crowdfunders are attendees who have given money when they registered. They are in 3 rough tiers of Gold, Silver and Bronze. 2015 Personal Crowdfunding Sponsors include (so far):

Thank you crowdfunders, we look forward to seeing you at the unconference!

Thank you to all those who supported us on the day. The speakers, the sponsors, the attendees, those who provided us with funds on the day. It is very much appreciated! We hope that you had a great time.