Computational Intelligence
Unconference UK 2014

Bringing people together to talk about Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems.

About the Team

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The (on-the-day) Volunteers

Look out for your on-the-day volunteer team (in no particular order):

Daniel Lewis

Daniel is currently a PhD Researcher in the Intelligent Systems Lab at the University of Bristol, where he is researching and developing on the intersection of Fuzzy Set Theory and Data Mining (in particular, Association Rule Mining of hierarchical data sets). Previously he worked in the field of Semantic Web & Linked Data - doing work for companies/projects such as OpenLink Software, Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN), IBM and Tweetminster. He received a BSc(hons) in Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering from Oxford Brookes University in 2007.

Daniel is the chief organiser, and the co-founder, of the Computational Intelligence Unconference. On-the-day he will ensure that everything runs smoothly, which will probably mean frantically running around.

(Daniel Lewis - Personal Website).
Beki Lewis

Beki currently works in data analysis for a clinical audit department of a hospital. She received a BSc(hons) in Computer Science (Mathematical) from Oxford Brookes University in 2010.

Beki will help with on-the-day organisation of "unscheduled" content, and will make on-the-day website content updates.

Toby Baxter

Toby will be assisting with event registration and on-the-day room organisation.

Cathy White

Cathy White is a researcher at British Telecom. Her interests include applied Machine Learning - taking the best techniques available, and applying them to real world problems - and advances to the theory of AI. She is interested in radical new approaches to intelligent systems, and improvements to existing systems such as training of multilayer neural networks. She refutes the possibility of strong AI and believes that at the current time dumb computers pose a far greater risk to mankind than smart ones.

Cathy will be assisting with on-the-day room organisation, and just-before and just-after organisation.

Dennis Simpson

Dennis is a convert to "Big-data" and it's implications on society. His background is in social science, however he has a passion for futurism and it's applications, specifically in shaping the financial world.

Dennis will be assisting with on-the-day room organisation.

Mani Chauhan

Mani will be assisting with on-the-day room organisation.

Steve Murphy

Steve will be assisting with on-the-day room organisation.

Abi Aryan

Abi is a student pursuing an M.Sc. in Applicable Mathematics at the London School of Economics. Her research interests concern the applications of computability, big data, neural networks and artificial intelligence in the real world. More specifically, she is currently working on her dissertation which explains image pattern recognition using Hopfield networks and creating a working program to demonstrate the theoretical results.

Abi will be assisting with on-the-day room organisation.

Helpers: Past & Present

A big thanks must go to Stephen Matthews who co-founded the computational intelligence unconference with Daniel, and was instrumental in the initial organisation of the CIUUK14. Steve, we don't think that the event could have happened without you!

A big thanks also to Lindsay Smith, Dirk Gorissen, David Wood, Piotr Mirowski, Klaus Bravenboer and Stuart Calimport. Who all helped with trying to find sponsorship and/or scheduled content.

Our thanks also goes to Rebecca Warnett, Karen Chiffers and Monika Brzoza at the BT Centre in London. The Unconference is a very disorganised event, and we thank you for your patience and for all your help. You are also part of the team!

Finally our biggest thanks go to all attendees, all sponsors, all discussion-makers (scheduled and unscheduled) and everybody who shared the event with the world. You are all essential components.