Computational Intelligence

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What is an Unconference?

An unconference is an informal meeting driven by its participants. Unconferences are usually either free to attend or very low cost, they are largely self organising thanks to a passion for the topic. They will often have talks & how-to's, stalls and a chance to do a bit of informal networking. They are not attached to any particular organisation, and are usually unrelated to each other.

Why do unconferences work? What is a Computational Intelligence Unconference?

The Computational Intelligence Unconference is an informal meeting, in the United Kingdom, for like-minded people. An "unconference" tries to be almost opposite to a conference, it is informal and relaxed, it is about equal and fair discussions, and most importantly it is free (open to all, free (or low cost) to attend, and free food & drink). The unconference aims to be supportive and collaborative.

The Computational Intelligence Unconference will be an unconference for people involved in computational intelligence and intelligent systems in general. There will be a particular focus on Fuzzy Set Theory, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computing, but other areas of application such as Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Computational Finance and other applications may also be explored depending on interest.